Our Aerial Camera System


All of our aerial cameras system in our aircrafts were fine-tuned to take aerial footage / film / video in term of minimum shakes and vibrations. Some of them such as sparrow and ptero were eqipped with the most sophisicated brushless camera gimbal with inertia sensor for smooth camera movement and stabilizisation during flight. Taking still photo or aerial photography is much much easier than taking aerial film because vibration and shake is not really a big issue. So in other word, all of our aircraft could do both Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography as well.



This camera are very common used in Remote Controlled helicopter / multicopter for aerial photography or aerial videography due to its small-size, light weight and cheap price. The camera could take still pictures up to 11 Megapixel in 170 degree viewing angle, also it can taking video with Full HD 1080p resolution or slow motion video with 60fps up to 720p (HD). What are the downsides of GoPro Camera ?  The First is Lens DISTORTION, everything looks round. Sometimes distortion are nice, but some people doesn't like it especially real estate aerial photography, building photography, etc. The second one is especially for professional movie maker who complaining how hard to do color grading in a footage created by Go Pro Camera due to low bitrates footage. Don't worry about this downsides, because we have tweak and do some modification to all of our Go PRO Cameras.


Go PRO for aerial photographyOur modified Go Pro with wide lens (no fish-eye effect), higher bitrates, and filter lens attachment
Left is standard GOPRO Camera, right is our modified Go Pro Camera for Aerial Photography & Cinematography



Effective since July 2013, we did some modification to all of our GO PRO CAMERAS which allow us to change the lens when needed. Because standard GoPro Camera equipped with fish-eye lens, all of the pictures taken will be looks rounded like a looking through the fish bowl, this called distortion. Some people like this kind of pictures, but some of others are not. If you like your aerial photography & aerial footage free of distortion, we will set up a wide angle lens to our go pro camera. Some people claim can do this by changing the setting in Gopro without changing the lens, or doing photo editing to remove distortion. Those way of course will reduce the image quality and the distortion will still exist. Another feature of our modified Go Pro Camera is designated especially for movie maker, we have tweak our Gopro's firmware so all of our footage taken by our go pro is in neutral color profile with 35mbps bitrates give you more flexibility in color grading / post-production.

Interchangeable lens Go Pro Camera for Aerial Photography
Standard Gopro Lens VS Modified Gopro Lens Comparison


This demonstration show you our modified Gopro Camera without fish-eye effect and Color Gradable footage



For those who need better image / video than Go Pro camera can produce, we have an option to fly our APS-C sensor size camera such as Sony NEX 5 and Nikon D3200 both for aerial photography and Aerial Cinematography. As we know, Go Pro Sensor size is as small as 1/2.5" which will be enough to produce sharp image up to 16R size. With APS-C sensor size camera, which is approx 4 times larger than Gopro sensor, the image / video will be much more crisp for professional use. Designed especially for you who need premium quality of aerial photography & aerial cinematography, we have Sony NEX 5 & Nikon D3200 with APS-C sensor size for crisp image (16 Mega Pixel) or footage both in FULL HD or HD resolution. We using a bigger multicopter to carry this camera equipped with 3 axis brushless gimbal to minmize shaking and vibration. Camera operator can control Pan, Tilt, and Roll during the flight creating the flexibility in taking aerial cinematography.


APS-C sensor size for premium class of Aerial Photography and Cinematography 
Mirrorless & DSLR camera for premium quality of Aerial Photography & Cinematography



All of our camera are transmitted to our ground station system for live view during flight. Our camera operator can see what the camera see during the flight and will give the best accuracy both in photography or filming. Some of our long-range aircraft are equipped with two camera, one camera is for taking video / picture while the other is for pilot to control the aircraft.

Camera operator & Pilot can see what camera sees during flight
Video Downlink for Realtime Camera Control during Aerial Photography or Aerial Cinematography



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