R/C Helicopter for Aerial Photography and Video
Conventional Helicam 600 class


Q: What is the difference, taking aerial footage using a real helicopter and remote controlled helicopter ?
A: Each has its own advantages, real helicopter could flying in high speed for long distances, but can not take pictures too close to the object as it is very dangerous. While Remote controlled helicopter could do flying at very low altitude and close to the object. Besides, the cost of taking pictures with a remote controlled helicam is much lower than the real helicopter.

Q: What is the difference between Multirotor (Tricopter, Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter) and Helicopter (Single Blade) ?
A: In term of aerial photography, The pros of Multirotors are more easy to control, lower investment, easy to operate, etc. The cons of multirotors are less wind proof, slower speed, less agility, and limited payloads compare to helicam. Helicopter is much difficult to control, much complex system, much expensive parts, but give us best agility, more stable in wind, speed, and payloads for heavy camera.

Q: Are both helicam and multirotors are crash-free ? Which one is safer ?
A: There is no one can guarantee that any flying object is crash-free, A commercial jetliner and military jetfighter can crash even all of their part is military grade and their pilot. All of UAV’s parts available in the market marked as ‘hobby-grade’.

Q: Why your aircraft’s spec and picture is not fully detail exposed in your website as other similar company do ?
A: In our oppinion, Showing our works is more important than showing off our equipments, we will later add our pictures regularly.

Q: Does the aerial footage taken by helicam will be shake?
A: Every moving machine has vibrations, shake is also common for flying object caused by wind. We minimize vibration and shake as we can by using computer controlled gimbal stabilizer, you can see the result in our show-reel.

Q: Can you take still photo / aerial photography?
A: All of our aircraft designed to take aerial video which is harder than just take still photo, Yes absolutely we can take still photos. Please check our aerial portfolio !

Q: Where is your base ?
A: Our Base is in Bandung, Jakarta, and Bali. We can fly everywhere you want. All of our equipments is travel-friendly and we have experiences to do aerial filming in remote area in Indonesia and outside Indonesia such as Thailand and Malaysia.


Helicamera airbone in Subang Indonesia
Our Conventional Helicam taken aerial photo of a golf course in Jatinangor Sumedang Indonesia


Q: Where we can fly the aircraft safely?
A: In the OPEN SPACE area

Q: Can we use it indoor?
A: Helicam cannot fly indoor (too dangerous) while multirotors can do it with limited movement only.

Q: How long we can fly the aircraft?
A: As long as the pilot can see the aircraft properly. For precision movement, the pilot must see the aircraft as close as possible. Precision movement is mostly needed in aerial filming to create good camera movement, based on our experiences to create good camera movement, the aircraft distance should be no more than 500 meters away from the pilot (except with FPV mode flight). To see our Aerial Photography fleet please check our page here.

Q: How we can shoot a moving object such a car if the limitation is 500 meters ?
A: We can use a follow-vehicle behind the object, or using a FPV mode flight.

Q: How about to create an aerial footage for very wide landscape such as beautiful oceans ?
A: We can use FPV (First Person View) mode aircraft such as 'hedwig' (please check our equipment page), where the pilot control the camera directly by seeing through the aircraft’s camera. By using this method the operation of the aircraft could be up to 2 Km Radius depend on situation and conditions. The cons of this method that we cannot control the camera orientation (pan, tilt, roll).

Q: Can we fly in the rain ?
A: Cannot, none of our aircraft is water-proof.

Q: How many operator involved in a flight ?
A: Usually two or three person, One should be helicam pilot, another one is camera operator and plane spotter.

Q: Who will make a decision about flight route ?
A: Client can suggest the flight route, but pilot will make a final decision by considering flight safety.

Q: Do our pilot understand how to create beautiful aerial footages?
A: Yes, our pilot is a photographer and cinematographer too.


Camera Operator can control pan, tilt, roll of the camera duting flight
Camera operator control camera orientation live during filming using a live monitor at the ground station



Q: Why we must consider about flight safety?
A: Our helicam is not crash-free, but we don’t want our investment crash, we will minimize that risk as low as possible.

Q: Who will take care about flight safety?
A: Our team will take care about good maintenance, pre-flight safety check procedure (please do not rush the pilot to fly soon) while Client must provide safety flight area and procedure. We will discuss about flight safety prior to the flight and client should provide flight safety as requested by our team.

Q: Is any dangerous possibility during the flight ?
A: In the unlikely event the aircraft is crash, it can hit to building, properties, or even human. The damaged caused by helicopter is very dangerous especially to human. We cannot fly helicopter over the people.




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